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  • Contact Person: Zendrive
  • E-mail: support@zendrive.com
  • Phone: 9122658251
  • Address: Zendrive Inc, 495 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Zenfleets measures driver safety using only phone sensors. Integrate the Zenfleets SDK into your driver app, and we’ll measure your drivers’ Caution, Control, and Focus while on the road, as well as detect collisions. This is done by measuring a wide variety of safety factors, like speeding, hard brakes, sharp accelerations, phone use, swerving, length of time driving, time of day, and many many more. Zenfleets analyzes these and returns actionable insights about how and where to coach or reward drivers for sustained fleet improvement. These insights can be delivered through a dashboard, an API, emails, or text alerts, depending on your preferences.