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AI-powered marketing startup MarianaIQ continues to grow and further establish its position as a leader in B2B marketing with the announcement of two separate patent filings for deep learning as applied to predictive analytics for ABM. The two patents being filed allow the company to deliver predictive models in a day or two, versus the industry standard of weeks if not months, thus dramatically improving time to value for its customers. The company also announced that it has again exceeded growth projects by 35% month over month in Q1, 2017.

MarianaIQ Account Embedding MarianaIQ's new Account Model understands that a company is, at its core, composed of the people who work there. With this insight, it utilizes the company’s rich company data store and deep learning approaches to build a predictive model for B2B relationships. This model is used in account scoring and lead generation, but potential future applications include partnerships, M&A, or recruiting to name a few. “Until MarianaIQ, the promise of delivering predictive prospect scoring models fell short of its promise because it took a long time to implement and did not convert to an execution," said MarianaIQ CEO and co-founder Venkat Nagaswamy. “Without deep learning, we would have had to handcraft models for each customer. With these patents, we can automatically create models, thereby shortening time to value for our customer and enabling us to grow faster." Taking this one step further, with the MarianaIQ platform, customers can not only create predictive models faster, but they can target individuals 1:1 across social networks including Facebook and Twitter. People Embedding enables MarianaIQ to narrowly target accounts and specifically the buyers and influencers within the accounts, thereby saving on marketing costs. MarianaIQ made this announcement while attending the GPU Technology Conference, hosted by Nvidia, where it was one of 40 startups out of 300 that were hand-selected to showcase some of the most noteworthy advances and work being done in computing today. About MarianaIQ MarianaIQ is the targeted B2B demand generation platform that leverages Deep Learning to find and convert existing and new prospects. Started in 2013, MarianaIQ changes how marketing is typically done by focusing on finding the right buyers and then finding the right marketing: right content through the right channel at the right time. At a fraction of the traditional time and cost, MarianaIQ equips marketers with easy-to-use game-changing tools to make them even more effective. MarianaIQ is used by global brands including Zendesk, Microsoft, Fuze, MemSQL, Egnyte and WhiteHat Security. Founded by Abhishek Kashyap, Soumyadeb Mitra and Venkat Nagaswamy, MarianaIQ is based in San Mateo, CA.

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