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The subjects of this, the seventh Alien Module for Classic Traveller, are the Hivers — a race of six-limbed, omnivorous gatherer/scavengers that has grown from a single world culture to the dominant race of the star-spanning Hive Federation, which rivals the Third Imperium in power and technology. The Hivers' physical and psychological differences from Humaniti are examined in detail, and the effects of these differences on specific game rules are explained.

The progress of evolution on other worlds can create fantastic results. In the far trailing regions parsecs from the Imperium, on the world of Guaran, the beings who reached intelligence and ultimate domination of their world were six-limbed pseudo-starfish. On their homeworld, they created a culture based on cooperation, but which still accepted and respected the individual. When they reached space, they carried that culture with them, establishing a federation which now spans more than ten sectors. Early explorers were struck by the hive-like appearance of these aliens' cities; naturally they were called Hivers. The fact that Hivers had no spoken language delayed recognition that there was no true hive relationship long enough for the name to stick. Hivers are aliens. They are a cooperative race, but they respect individualism. they live in nests, but can change to another nest any time they want. They abhor violence and war, but they won the only major war they have ever fought. They love their children, but allow most of their children to die before they are a year old. To understand them, and their place in the Traveller universe, this alien module is essential. This module allows Traveller players to be Hiver characters, to play adventures in the Hive Federation, and to learn more about the Hivers' culture.

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