India, Kolkata


Usable, Available and Affordable Analytics

We believe in empowering our clients for scientific, data driven decision making. Predictive analytics is the enabler of the same. But to realize the full potential of data and analytics, the solutions must be readily available and usable by the business user. Our mission, thus, is to create decision enabling tools, which combine the power of predictive analytics and the latest technology, and enable the user to make the right decision at the right time with the right data. We are committed to bring innovative analytic decision enabling tools that predict future outcomes and recommend actions to improve business ROI. To make this idea real, we have combined advanced analytics prowess to state of the art technology, which talks with the real time data and can predict future with maximum certainty. The latest advancements in cloud computing and database technologies, as well as analytics computing softwares, made possible this innovative solution at our end. Given the technology and delivery mechanism choice we have adopted, the output and tools can be deployed for clients with lowest capex and opex requirements. With this, we also have created a blend of open source, custom developed and commercial technology stack that reduces the overall cost of development and keeps the total cost of ownership at the minimum for our clients.

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