Origa Leasing

India, Kolkata


ORIGA in Greek means Charioteer. We want to be the charioteer of your growth at all times. Guided by the philosophy of “Access to Finance”, ORIGA extends asset leasing solutions to enterprises that aim for business expansion. ORIGA puts more emphasis on innovation and high growth business model than on the credit history of the applicant. It thus acts as a growth engine for entities at all stages. The leasing solutions offered by ORIGA to the entities help them build capacities that empower them financially to scale up and provide the last mile delivery of their services and goods in a highly effective manner. We bridge the gap between new age businesses and traditional financing!

Asset financing start-up Origa Leasing has raised $1.2 million (₹8 crore) from ah!Ventures and 500 Startups along with a few other high profile investors. Founded by Shrirang Tambe in 2013, Origa Leasing provides alternative financing through its asset leasing solutions to high growth companies across segments such as healthcare, sanitation, waste management, alternative energy, manufacturing and service oriented businesses. The venture also focuses mainly on leasing of assets which generate revenues for its clients. It has developed a highly innovative solution of Asset Life Cycle Management (ALCM) which helps its clients conserve their capital for working capital and marketing while Origa takes care of their assets in totality. According to industry reports, the market for alternative financing is conservatively estimated to be $50 billion but there is a huge gap between the conventional financing available and the need of new age companies, which Origa is trying is capture. “We are investing significantly in building a robust technology-right from customer acquisition to asset management. In addition to innovativeness in leasing products, we also aspire to become world’s largest fintech leasing company. We expect to touch an asset book for $100 million (₹650 crore) within the next three to four years in India,” Tambe said. “The market opportunity is huge considering that 46 per cent of the SME financing in Europe and 72 per cent of SME financing in America takes place through asset leasing. In India, it is less than 1 per cent of the total credit disbursed,” he added.

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