India, Kolkata


At ChartIQ, we're exclusively focused on building HTML5 financial charting and data visualization solutions for capital markets applications. The world of capital markets technology has been plagued by expensive, legacy technology. These systems use the massive amounts of information available to traders to flood them with data instead of empowering them with insight. ChartIQ is building the Visual Trade Lifecycle, which brings financial big data to life, from idea identification to opportunity analysis and through to trade execution.

ChartIQ is the first and only professional-grade advanced HTML5 charting library for technical analysis that works seamlessly across desktop, web, tablet and mobile. ChartIQ greatly improves user experience, time on site, conversion rates, and retention rates by expanding beyond traditional charts. Users are able to interactive and engage with financial data through customized charts that matter most to them. Better yet, ChartIQ makes financial data actionable with visual trading from the chart. Dan has spent his career building and taking to market enterprise software solutions in the information security, sales enablement, and financial technology markets. With a huge passion for data visualization, he founded ChartIQ to bring data viz and modern design to capital markets technology. In 1994, Terry wrote the first online trading system which later became Ameritrade. He then went on to found Automated Financial Systems, a provider of financial software to banks and brokerages. Terry has held senior management positions at SunGard and Brokat AG

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