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A Company on a Mission At Kinsa, we believe that healthcare products in the home should always accomplish two things: reassure and comfort the user, and provide context and guidance about what to do next. We’ve reimagined the world’s most common medical device to do both.

We created the first FDA-cleared app-enabled thermometer because, from our work in the health systems within the U.S. and across impoverished nations throughout the world, we’ve learned that an elevated temperature is often the first sign of sickness. By building intelligence into a once basic thermometer and turning it into a connected device, we’re able to keep an eye on illnesses from beginning to end. We can more quickly alert users when fever and symptoms warrant closer monitoring or a visit to the doctor. Our network of connected thermometers can even offer helpful insights such as common illnesses that may be circulating in a local area or within a user’s school. Kinsa is ready to help whole communities better track, treat, and stop the spread of illness. But we know we’ll only do it if our products delight users from their first touch. It’s with this in mind that we developed the Kinsa Smart Thermometer.