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Business type: Lumoid


Lumoid is a team of tech geeks, engineers, photographers, artists and puppies based in San Francisco and New York! Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to try the latest photo gear, drones, wearables and audio systems. We love tech and would love to talk to you about your photography projects, fitness goals and audio needs.

WHAT IF YOU COULD TRY GADGETS BEFORE BUYING THEM? As gadget enthusiasts, we asked ourselves the same questions that we often get from our customers. What is the best camera to take with me on my vacation? Which is the best fitness tracker for my lifestyle? What drone should I learn to fly as a beginner? The world of consumer electronics is constantly changing, and for every category there are now virtually limitless options. I came up with the idea for Lumoid in late 2013 to provide an easy way to discover new gadgets and really use them, before deciding to purchase. Today, Lumoid is changing the way consumers shop for gadgets, one trial at a time. We've shipped tens of thousands of Lumoid boxes and are proud to provide the best and latest gear to creatives and tech-lovers all over the U.S.