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At Moonfrye, we are passionate about giving you unique, simple and time-effective ways to get creative with your family. From our innovative photo app to our interactive DIY projects, we strive to inspire and celebrate the creative process and the parenting journey…every day.

We believe the parenting journey is made up of all kinds of moments. Big, small, joyful, sad, messy, beautiful…the kind of moments that make raising a family an adventure in “happy chaos” every single day. Our mission is to support the parenting journey and create products that make every day an opportunity for families to explore, create and play together. Soleil Moon Frye and Kara Nortman founded Moonfrye with a common vision for a different kind of company: one that would combine expertise, enthusiasm and commitment while celebrating team members’ individual passions. Our unique company culture centers around “living out loud” and a shared passion for creating groundbreaking, inspiring digital and physical products.