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Traditional enterprise systems are failing employees because they are hard-to-use, offer a poor user experience, and there are simply too many of them. While employees eventually learn the few systems they use daily, they struggle with those they use periodically. Employees need a better way to complete their tasks and access the data in all the business systems necessary to thrive in their jobs.

Businesses are changing at a rapid pace and employees require the right applications to keep up. But, today’s business apps disenfranchise employees and limit their ability to make optimal decisions because traditional business applications are difficult to use and pull data from. To avoid apps becoming ignored by employees, organizations must listen and understand what employees need to be truly effective in their roles. Armed with the right applications, employees will be empowered to make quick data-driven decisions, solve business problems, and be more connected to the business and the customer. In August, Sapho commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study on enterprise application pain points from those that frequently use enterprise systems – both IT teams and lines of business managers. This paper provides the results of the study. Read the full white paper to get Forrester’s insights on how business applications are currently used and how organizations should build simple business apps to empower employees.