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WE ARE EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE INVESTORS AND PASSIONATE PROBLEM SOLVERS Throughout our careers, we have seen plenty of unnecessary constraints on real estate investment. We are on a mission to make it more efficient and accessible to investors through the use of technology.

BrickVest was founded by veteran real estate, finance and tech professionals with extensive experience of real estate investing. Over the course of our careers, we have had first-hand experience of the inefficiencies in the real estate investment market. Large minimum investment amounts excluded all but the wealthiest individuals and institutions from directly accessing the most lucrative deals. The alternative was indirect real estate investment through Open/Closed-End Funds, which entailed high fees, low levels of transparency and mismanaged conflicts of interest between stakeholders. These constraints represented such high barriers to investing that despite our own real estate expertise, we never felt personally compelled to invest in real estate. This was all the more frustrating given our ability to recognize outstanding real estate investment opportunities. A second look at these constraints revealed the lack of technological progress which we felt could help foster competition in global real estate markets Real estate deals today are sourced, underwritten and closed in much the same way as they were twenty years ago – the asset class is due for a fundamental technological disruption. As a team of entrepreneurs with extensive real estate and tech experience, we are taking this opportunity to remove some of the inefficiencies we’ve faced firsthand. Investor outcomes are at the heart of what we do. We created BrickVest with one mission: using technology to change real estate investing by making the investment process more accessible, transparent and less costly for a wide circle of sophisticated investors. We provide access to pre-vetted high quality real estate investment opportunities worldwide, in an environment of transparency and interest alignment.