Investor Partnering Details

Business type: Mosaic


We are standing at the front end of a long-term transformation in both the energy and finance markets. And we plan to be at the forefront, building relationships and leading the innovation that will open up access to clean energy for all. This represents one of the largest opportunities to create prosperity for millions of people in our lifetimes and perhaps make the biggest impact on the defining challenge of our day — our dependence on fossil fuels and the damaging effect it’s having on our planet.

Launched in 2011, we started by using crowdfunding principles to allow everyday people to invest in clean energy. In 2014, we then shifted towards residential solar financing with the help of third party capital partners. And now, continuing our growth with the first securitization of our residential loan portfolio, as well as our newly launched Home Improvement Lending Program, we are constantly pushing for new and exciting ways to make the benefits of clean energy more attainable for everyone.