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Business type: NewsWhip


Millions of stories, videos, and social posts are published each day, sparking billions of interactions. With so much content distributed to an ever-growing number of social networks, how can anyone know what works across the entire web? NewsWhip harnesses this ocean of social data and transforms it into actionable insights to inform your content strategy. NewsWhip products let you predict the future – and show you what audiences are engaging with in every niche. NewsWhip gives you confidence in how you direct attention, allocate resources, and amplify your message. Use NewsWhip to get a real-time and historical view of what drives engagement. Our Patented Technology Our leading technology and product teams are innovating the way we analyze content each day, with research projects concentrating on machine learning, predictive capabilities, and forensic audience analysis. NewsWhip technology scans the world’s social media activity – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest – every two minutes. It then compares this activity to millions of pieces of content and stories. With coverage across 100 countries, 30 languages and billions of stories dating back to January 2014, NewsWhip gives you access to the world’s biggest and fastest social database. NewsWhip algorithms predict 79% of major viral stories, show you the content spreading fastest amongst global audiences, and the stories overperforming for publishers and niches.