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Business type: Certivox


MIRACL is an innovative group of cryptographers, programmers, and entrepreneurs who help digital businesses secure their future. Named after our software library that is regarded as the gold standard for elliptic curve cryptography (Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library) MIRACL removes roadblocks to unleash limitless connections between users, cloud applications, and the Internet of Things. MIRACL secures the people, apps and things needed to run a digital business. We eliminate the need for outdated security in your infrastructure, including passwords, root keys and stored credentials. Our single security platform enables billions of digital transactions to be unleashed while ensuring the integrity of every person, device, or component on tomorrow's web. MIRACL Trust® is a simple, secure way for enterprise and external users to log into a mobile or web application through “strong authentication”. MIRACL Trust® zero-factor authentication (ZFA) means that a user proves knowledge and possession without exchanging or sending any credentials with a server database in whole form (unlike passwords and current two-factor authentication). MIRACL Trust® meets EU banking requirements for "strong authentication" included in the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Our solution completely eliminates the risk of password database breach and provides stronger security than any competitive 2FA software or hardware solution. Users enter a 4 digit pin on a mobile device or web page to simply and securely connect to any business application enabled on our cloud-based service. MIRACL Trust® also can work with additional Identity Factors (e.g. biometrics, geolocation, etc.) to extend your security strength.