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Business type: farmlogs


Our mission is to build the technology that will help you create a better future for your farm The story of FarmLogs begins in 2011. Jesse Vollmar and Brad Koch saw technology shaping the world for the better, but not back home where they came from: the farm. They discovered that while they’d been working with cutting-edge technology at their first business, technical innovation on the farm had stalled out. The software tools available to their families and neighbors were clumsy, difficult to use, and expensive. Worse, they were making it harder for the family operation to run efficiently—not easier. The future of farming needed to be better, faster. That's when FarmLogs was born. The vision for FarmLogs is clear: create easy-to-use technology that helps row crop farmers run more efficient and more profitable businesses. That means your needs will always be central to our efforts. Together, we’re using farmer intuition and technical expertise to create a better future for farming.