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Business type: Estomote


Ubiquitous computing is here. Tiny inexpensive wireless computers are everywhere. They are in our pockets, or embedded into our surroundings and nearby objects. They talk to each other by sending ambient radio signals. Estimote SDK can be embedded into mobile apps, which can then use signals from built-in sensors or nearby beacons to estimate the context and micro-location of an event. With our simple API, developers can easily build proximity or indoor location applications and trigger pre-programmed actions or send relevant messages. We have been working with sensor networks and low-power software since 2012. Our engineering team was the first to ship iBeacon-compatible beacons and our designers set the standard for the look and feel of Bluetooth beacons. We have successfully supported more than 60,000 customers globally, by helping them to prototype, deploy, or scale almost every type of proximity or indoor location application. Fortune 100 companies, the world's most creative agencies, as well as innovative startups choose our reliable and easy-to-develop stack. Our customers and our vibrant community of 100,000 developers love our products and our iterative approach to the Geo-IoT space. We run fast as a company. We adopt new technologies and ship innovations at an unprecedented pace.