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Business type: Aframe


I’m a geek. I love technology, and I like knowing about how it works. But at the same time, I have absolutely no patience if it isn’t something I can get value from really quickly. I used to be the biggest advocate of technical training and a board member of the skills council for the sector until I realized that the reason people don’t learn about video technology and evolve their business processes is because they simply don't have the time. For too long, technology has dominated creativity. Video should be about innovation not technology. Who cares what expensive equipment a company has – it should be about the people who work there. When everyone has access to the same unlimited power, capabilities and ability to work with others, regardless of where they are in the world, who they work for or their experience, then the only barrier to their success will be their talent and drive. This is what Aframe is about. Giving anyone, anywhere, the ability to realize their creative vision and business goals by removing the limitations to their success, with a system that is unlimited, powerful and very simple to use.