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Business type: Appknox


The explosive growth of mobile apps has created an industry of app development where time-to-market is everything. Security has suffered often, and very publicly, insecure apps have leaked payment, banking, and other sensitive user data much to the embarrassment of major brands. We’ve been in the security space for over five years now. But the mission to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem began in January 2014 when many public disclosures came to light - Starbucks, Snapchat, and more. Private and confidential data of millions of people were revealed publicly. This led to the idea of building Appknox, a complete mobile security solution to help app owners secure their apps. We are passionate and strive to reflect the quality of our work with the products and services we render. " We believe that teamwork makes the dream work. " We're a bunch of young, experienced and enthusiastic professionals that respect each other's space and time, invavde into it at times, but always bring out the best in each other. We follow a flexible routine and everyone is expected to manage and deliver their repsponsibilities punctually. We also believe that there is no substitute for hard work. Besides war room conversations and constructive criticism, we accept all kinds of food and outings!