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Business type: TradeBriefs


Sreekumar Vijaykumar is a Columbia University alumnus who has worked in the IT retail industry for six years with the likes of Deloitte and IBM. After returning to India, Sreekumar had an idea of starting up a NIIT for retail — producing industry ready professionals for the retail market. Sreekumar founded All India Retail in 2007, a retail training and business services company. Their expertise lay in core retail domains like merchandising, planning, assortment, pricing and demand forecasting. Alongside running the services company, a blog,, was also launched that got good traction considering the times. “We ran it for a year and it was turning into a lifestyle business which was good but it didn’t really excite us,” says Sreekumar. Taking a turn from there, they transformed the business to TradeBriefs, a daily email newsletter service that helps professionals become industry experts. The team interprets the top industry news of the day and provide insight and jobs in personalized industry newsletters. The curation is human plus an algorithm which learns. Retail, IT, and FMCG are their core industries but have now expanded to 10 industry segments.