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Business type: Activehours


Our Mission At Activehours, we’re making money work in a way that’s good for everyone. Together with our customers, we’re creating a future based on what’s possible rather than the way it’s always been done. That’s why we let people get paid when they want. The pay cycle was built for a time when everything was done manually. Now, we can move money at the touch of a button. So, why wait? If we stand together, we can transform how money works. If we help each other, we’ll all succeed. How It All Started In 2007, Ram wrote a personal check to help one of his employees avoid a late fee. Realizing that the two week pay cycle was unfair and driven by a contempt for fees, Ram built a website to help more of his employees tap into their pay before payday. As the community grew, Activehours moved from the web to mobile. Today, Ram’s little hack has become a national movement. People aren’t waiting for payday anymore. Are you?