Franchise Partnering Details

Business type: Riskpulse


At Riskpulse, we work together to solve the most challenging real-world problems related to the communication and analysis of risk. We are scaling a platform that is changing how the supply chain works and we value the very best ideas that will help us achieve our mission. EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE Health & Wellness We offer comprehensive medical, dental, life, short-term disability, long-term disability, and vision insurance policies for our employees and excellent coverage for dependent premiums on these policies as well. Work/Life Balance When we rest, we set ourselves up to be more productive because we are nurturing and re-energizing our bodies and brains, which will energize our work. We put our money where our mouth is by prioritizing the unique work / life balance needs of each employee and offering a pretty much unlimited vacation policy. Perks We offer commute-friendly office hours and the flexibility to work off-site. Our break room is stocked with healthy snacks and drinks for those who might come to work hungry and we have lunch catered for our all-hands sessions. We have many coffee connoisseurs here, so coffee is always available at the office to keep everyone fully energized throughout the day. Our holiday parties and employee events are always a blast. We regularly shut it down early on Friday afternoons to play laser-tag, throw a few shots of basketball, go to a concert, have a video game tournament, or hit a few golf balls. MacBooks are also standard issue around here. Giving Back We believe donating money is an easy way to help our community (and others’ communities) in times of need and our people have incredibly loving and generous spirits who want to give of themselves when they can. Whenever the opportunity presents itself for team members to individually or collectively donate their time to help a worthy cause, we do everything we can to support them. This might include flying them to where they are needed, picking up the tab for their supplies, or simply paying for their time off while they contribute to this amazing place we consider “home.”