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Business type: Meta


From neuroscientists to developers to marketers and other experts, the Meta family is full of fiercely talented individuals passionate about making a mark on the next computing transformation. From humble beginnings in a Columbia University dorm room to the heart of Silicon Valley, Meta’s story is rich with disruption. Meta co-founder and CEO Meron Gribetz conceives a world without screens while studying at Columbia University under Professor of Computer Science Steve Feiner. In December 2012, Meta Co. is founded. The first prototype of an AR headset is hacked together with a pair of 3D glasses from Epson and is fused together with an Intel-made camera that tracks hand movements. In the summer of 2013, Meta was honored to be inducted into Y Combinator's seed accelerator program. Around this time, AR pioneers Steve Mann and Steve Feiner joined Meron and the team as trusted advisors. In September 2014, Meta unveils the Meta 1 Development Kit with a live medical demo at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, and starts shipping its first product. Meta 1 customers consisted of many developers, AR enthusiasts, and Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, Toyota, and Caterpillar.