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Business type: Enovo


Follow the fill level of your waste containers with advanced wireless sensors and learn when collections are done and where waste management operations can be further streamlined. Enevo’s waste analytics solution allows you to track your waste generation and get detailed information on how much you are diverting from the landfill by recycling. “Enevo’s solution allows us to better monitor our current collection operations and gain efficiency, while providing a scalable, data driven means to expand our collection network moving forward. We’ve loved working with Enevo since day one including the passion and commitment of their team to helping us grow and succeed”. – Nicholas M. Calandra, COO and Corp. Secretary, Hearts for the Homeless “We’re very happy working with Enevo. We feel that the combination of Enevo technology and the knowledge and expertise of our waste collection team has resulted in an effective solution for the city. Using Enevo we’ve increased the mean fill level of containers saving us time, fuel, service costs and emissions.” – Joost van Maaren, Head of Collection and Reuse of Waste, The Municipality of Rotterdam