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Business type: Thistle


We started our journey back in December of 2013 with a single raw, cold-pressed juice pop-up in The Mission District, San Francisco. As former busy professionals coming from the world of law, finance, consulting and academia, we wanted to start a company that offered folks like us access to healthy and high quality foods. We didn’t have much food experience but we all prioritized our health and wanted to start a company with products that allowed us to live our busy lives and stay healthy at the same time. From the moment we began, we dreamed of expanding beyond juice. In line with our mission, we also aimed to produce delicious and nutritious meals, made with organic, local and sustainable ingredients, and deliver them fresh to customers’ doorsteps to make it incredibly easy to get and stay healthy. More than two years, thousands of meals, and hundreds of recipes (and one baby!) later, we are now proudly sharing our healthy and delicious products across the Bay Area. Today we are a thirty-strong team – and growing fast. Come join us!