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Business type: Mogl


We believe that life's too short not to love your day job. Mogl was created in 2010 by Jon Carder, Jarrod Cuzens and Jeff Federman. The three of them created Mogl to solve a simple problem. The old school "buy 10 get 1 free" restaurant rewards programs just aren’t very fun. What if we could create a better restaurant rewards program? One that was fun and felt like a game where we would take a piece of everyone’s reward and give it to those who can’t afford 3 meals every day. Well, then we could change the world. The Mogl team is a great thing to be a part of. We feel so fortunate to have Mo around to bring some fun into all this serious stuff we do. Hunger in America is a serious problem for nearly 49 million people, and it really makes Mo sad… so we set out to have some fun and create a solution. Together with Feeding America, we’re donating meals and providing an easy and enjoyable rewards platform that allows people to pitch-in and really make a difference. Mo will tell you himself, there’s no better feeling than that!