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Business type: Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser.

Cloud Cruiser is a cloud software solution architected from the ground up to transform IT data into business meaning, so you can maximize the value of your cloud investments. Start with our push-button collectors for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – enter your credentials and you begin loading data. You can even go back in time and load data that you have collected in the past. Our flexible and powerful data normalization capabilities make it easy to work across platforms, even though the providers will list things in very different ways. While you still can see very granular detail if you want to drill down, Cloud Cruiser can present cost and usage information from all of your providers at an aggregate level – you only need to pay attention to the providers’ alphabet soup (EC2, S3, EBS, RDS, VM, NoSQL) when you want to. And you can enrich, transform or correct that data with Smart Tags™ — for example, bringing in information from your CMDB to map resources to your unique business structure, or consolidating all of the different ways regions are represented in cost and usage data into region names that make business sense. All of this data management technology provides a firm foundation for flexible, powerful analytics that are easily accessible to your users. No need for BI high priests, who often serve as a choke-point for getting information out into your organization. Cloud Cruiser 16 comes with out-of-the box charts, graphs and reports that meet the most common needs we have encountered in 5+ years in business, serving hundreds of customers. And because every business is different, you can modify them to better meet your needs or create custom reports and visualizations with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Data collection, data normalization and mapping, and analytics are all provided in a single application that can meet the needs of DevOps, IT Ops, Finance, and line-of-business users. Everyone can get the information they need, in the form they want it in. It’s all designed to be intuitive to set up and use, to minimize time-to-value and deliver more intelligent cloud management. And because Cloud Cruiser 16 runs in the cloud itself, it will scale easily to meet your growing needs, with no hit to performance.