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Business type: Lendsnap


Deliver the modern financial experience clients expect with Lendsnap. For loan originators at banks, credit unions and mortgage brokerages Lendsnap delivers an immediate upgrade to the brand, to appeal to consumers in the modern age with the highest expectations. Lendsnap delivers gains in all areas – Team recruiting and retention, Positioning among referral partners, and of course, new client acquisition. AUTOMATED DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL We securely gather borrower paystubs, W2s, financial statements, and more from online accounts to save your borrowers time and frustration. Accelerate the origination timeline by removing borrower procrastination and frustration. CLOUD STORAGE Our technology is built to work with you. Lendsnap easily integrates with your existing systems and processes. NOTIFICATIONS Appropriate and timely reminders and alerts keep the application process moving smoothly and effortlessly. It all happens automatically or rule-based, to save time and effort. INTEGRATED WITH PROCESSING Built-in role management allows loan officers and processors to share applications. Lendsnap can provide integrations to popular loan origination systems (LOS). Lendsnap removes Sensitive documents from originators’ email where they are a liability. Lendsnap employs full bank-level security to keep your borrower’s information private. We will never sell data and your applicants are always in control. Satisfy all borrowers with the security they demand. Lendsnap is SOC audited and complies with GLBA, TRID, and TCPA. We have revolutionized borrower on-boarding by eliminating the tedious and repetitive searching, downloading, uploading, saving, renaming and emailing of sensitive financial documents. Increase pull-through rates by cutting applicant effort from hours to minutes Lendsnap is unique in that it retrieves the whole, original document, not simply the summary information from it. This is the preferred format of processors, and allows loans to be submitted to non-agency sources as well. Lendsnap also delivers summary data, in addition to original docs. Have your cake and eat it too Never make borrowers resend lost documents again. When borrowers connect their online accounts, Lendsnap will automatically refresh the file with the most recent version of the required document. No more frantic rushes for the most current paystub or statement on the day of funding!