Franchise Partnering Details

Business type: Bizongo


Built on four major values of C-U-L-T: Collaboration, Upscale, Leadership and Transparency, Bizongo believes that a successful company is backed by a positive work culture. At Bizongo, everyone gets the freedom to do their best work. We greatly value innovation and courage, growth and ideas. We seek to build a pro team with equal parts of aggression and grace. And we promise to flip everybody into a foodie! At Bizongo, you don't just get hired; you find a purpose We believe in nurturing leaders. At Bizongo, we create opportunities to influence, achieve, lead and empathise. We encourage everyone to break the proverbial ice and head straight to conquer the peaks! From enlightening about sexual harassment, establishing a private library, to encouraging sports and celebrating diverse ethnicity, Bizongo prides itself in being consciously inclusive. We share food and stories, travel together and sometimes indulge in impromptu office concerts.