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Business type: Wealthfront


Picking stocks and chasing market fluctuations may be exciting. But when it comes to long-term investing, you can't expect to outperform the market. Even Warren Buffett would agree. We believe in passive investing. This simply means parking your money in a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds and having the patience to stay the course. It was a radical idea when economist Burton Malkiel first introduced it. But academic research and time-proven results have confirmed it works. He’s a smart guy, Burt. So smart we made him Wealthfront’s Chief Investment Officer. We have ways to increase your returns. Chasing the market just isn't one of them. There are some things you can control in long-term investing. Manage your risk Your investments should reflect the risk you’re willing to take. We’ll create a diversified portfolio and keep it balanced for your risk tolerance. Lower your taxes Reducing the taxes you pay leaves more money that can grow for you. Our software executes trades strategically to lower your tax obligation, so you can reinvest the savings. Minimize your fees They compound over time and eat into your returns. We choose low-cost ETFs and only charge a 0.25% annual advisory fee — a quarter of the industry average.