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We are an Edge Cloud application developer. Our solutions bring to life the content and delivery platform of the future in service provider networks. The brains behind Qwilt include a talented team of veterans from Cisco and Juniper. We’re backed by visionary investors, including Accel, Redpoint, Marker, Bessemer, Cisco and Innovation Endeavors. Together, we recognized the strategic opportunity to develop the service provider edge cloud platform, the future of online content and application delivery. The Edge Cloud Opportunity – A New Model for Content and Application Delivery in Service Provider Networks Streaming video growth and online application delivery demands have created one of the most compelling networking technology opportunities ever for mobile and fixed line service providers. Until now, network operators responded to traffic growth with more investment – in routers, switches and links – to build a bigger network. This “brute force” approach to network scaling is no longer viable given today’s demand for streaming and tomorrow’s forecasted growth. Further, the conventional approach to build network capacity completely misses the strategic opportunity – the Open Edge Cloud. To address this opportunity, network operators need a new strategy to manage scale, quality and cost. A new model for content delivery, the edge cloud, has emerged as a superior architectural solution and a compelling business opportunity. The edge cloud is a transformational next generation content and application delivery network that creates a distributed media delivery function at the network edge. This new architecture for content and application delivery is essential to optimize network infrastructure, scale delivery and sustain Quality of Experience (QoE). Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud – Opening the Door to New Business Models for Content Delivery Qwilt uniquely addresses the content delivery opportunity with its innovative Open Edge Cloud solution which allows carriers to create a next generation content and application delivery network that: (1) creates new business models and revenue, (2) improves quality and (3) controls scaling costs. Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud – Benefits for the Entire Ecosystem Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solutions deliver the highest performance and scalability which offer value to the entire content delivery ecosystem – Content Publishers, Commercial CDNs, Service Providers and consumers. Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud solution reduces latency, improves delivery quality and substantially reduces unit delivery costs across the end to end value chain. Qwilt’s content and application delivery platform creates an ecosystem foundation that allows high quality content delivery to massive audiences and opens the door to new service provider revenue and business models. We are Qwilt – Your Partner for Edge Cloud Applications We are a software company, an industry innovator and recognized leader in edge cloud application development. We’ve already built a reputation, relationships and products that set us apart. We are unique because of our: Technical Expertise. Qwilt’s unique expertise in media and application delivery, high speed networking, cloud management and edge computing give us the ability to design, deploy and manage a best-in-class edge cloud platform for service providers. Industry Vision and Leadership. Our industry vision and leadership as a Founding Member of the Streaming Video Alliance has resulted in deep collaborative relationships with Commercial CDNs and publishers that give us unique perspective on the needs of all ecosystem members in terms of performance, scaling, cost and quality of experience. Moreover, as Chair of the SVA’s Open Caching Working Group we have been driving the definition, endorsement and adoption of Open Caching, working alongside other industry leaders within the streaming ecosystem. Operational Experience. We have deployed our service provider solution with over 120 customers to date and, because of our cloud connected and managed systems, we use cloud-based machine learning to continuously improv performance, scalability and efficiency of our products. Product Innovation. We combine our technical expertise, ecosystem relationships, operational experience and innovative product development capabilities to create and improve the industry’s leading Edge Cloud content delivery platform for service providers. Given our substantive advantages, we routinely win deals with Tier 1 service providers because we offer a vastly superior solution with overwhelming value. Through our ongoing innovation, we’ve created a significant and growing competitive advantage over others trying to address the edge cloud opportunity. Our strategy is to quickly secure business with major service providers, in every region in the world, and help them build edge cloud delivery infrastructure in their network and then continue the partnership by giving them the ongoing benefit of Qwilt innovation. Moreover, we’re a team of bright, fun and driven people who live by a common set of deeply held values