Philips Gc310/07 (8890 310 07280) Garment Steamer (Green)

Quick and easy to use, this garment steamer from Philips can be ideal for all your last minute touch-ups and difficult-to-iron clothes. Ergonomic Design This ergonomically designed steamer is lightweight and very comfortable to use because all you need to do is press the trigger and remove creases from your clothes quickly. Hand-held Steamer Since this garment steamer is hand-held, you don’t need an ironing board to iron clothes. You can also fill water easily with the detachable water tank. Electric Pump The electric pump of the steamer provides continuous steam in order to remove creases quickly and easily. The steam also kills 99.9% of the bacteria and removes cigarette, food and other odours from your clothes. Safe to Use The steamer heats up faster and is safe to be used on all kinds of fabrics especially delicate fabrics like silk. You can use the brush accessory to iron thick garments like coats. This brush accessory also ensures better steam penetration and gives your clothes a smooth finish.