Philips Ujjwal Plus LED Lantern Emergency Lights (Blue)

Do frequent power cuts ruin your planned schedule for the evening and hamper your kids study time? Don't worry. Philips Ujjwal plus 360 degree LED lantern provides unlimited and reliable lighting so that you don’t have to postpone important work until the power supply is resumed. 40 LEDs Get evenly distributed bright light with the 40 LEDs that have a backup time of four hours and feature a lifetime of 20,000 hours. No more studying, reading, or cooking dinner in darkness or dim lights. Portable The wide and sturdy base provides an easy and safe way for placing this emergency light on your kid's study table or on your kitchen counter. It is lightweight and also has a handle for easy portability. Safe and Durable The overcharge and deep-discharge protection features ensure your safety as well as a prolonged battery life for long-term usage.