Luxury Vacation Marketplace Rizort Is Taking A Road Less Travelled In The OTA Space

Inmobi Co-Founder Mohit Saxena is looking to redesign the OTA concept with Rizort
• His luxury vacation marketplace Rizort curates ‘experiences’ based on travellers’ ‘intent’
• Starting with Bali, Thailand, and Maldives in Phase I, Rizort will soon add Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius to its list of destinations

The world is a book, those who don’t travel read only one page,” once said Roman philosopher Augustine of Hippo, who saw life as an opportunity to travel across the world. Novelist and MIT professor Anita Desai decoded the fun part of the journey when she said, “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”

For a place to become a part of you, you must embrace it in its totality — its culture, people, cuisine, landscapes, et al. This, however, depends on how well you plan your trip in alignment with your interests, what experiences you incorporate in your itinerary, and the overall quality of the time you spend at a holiday destination.

Which brings us to the basic question asked by most travellers — how do you plan for a trip in a way that it becomes a part of you?

This was precisely the question that led Mohit Saxena, traveller, co-founder and former CTO of India’s first unicorn, Inmobi, to start a new luxury vacation marketplace called Rizort. The startup is looking to bridge the gap between travel planning and the actual experience at the destination.