Bike Rental Startup ONN Bikes Looking To Rev Up Its Game With Dockless Bikes

The startup plans to foray into four more cities by 2018 and add 85 locations by 2022

It is currently in the process of raising Series A funding

ONN Bikes is looking to add another 4,000 bikes as part of its expansion plans

Mornings in Indian metros are chaotic to the point of being painful. Everyone is trying to get somewhere, and everyone is in a hurry.

It doesn’t help that most Indian cities are unplanned with narrow, potholed roads (which too are riddled with encroachments), ever-increasing wheels on the street, and burgeoning populations. Highway expansion, extension of metro lines and flyovers are doing little to help the situation.

Arterial roads are choked with traffic, public transportation is overcrowded and unreliable, and parking is at a premium. There’s Ola and Uber for those looking for hired rides, but cabs have painfully long wait times or are unavailable. Plus surge pricing hikes up fares astronomically, making cabs unaffordable for many.

Enter bike rentals. Riding bikes to get around the city — making for quicker, hassle-free commutes and exercise on the side — has picked up in India in the last few years. And in the sharing economy it is but natural to get everything on hire.

With a view to make bike rentals hassle-free and enable quicker intra-city commutes, Bengaluru-headquartered online bike rental startup ONN Bikes has introduced hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly bike rentals.

Cabs fare has increased a lot and availability is a challenge. So, people have started renting bikes as an alternate mode of transportation,” says the founder of ONN Bikes,Namit jai , adding, “The cost of our self-driving bikes are 70% lower than that of cab rides.”