Apple partners IBM to develop mobile AI solution

US-based technology giants IBM and AppleInc., on Tuesday, announced a new partnership on the second day of Think 2018, IBM’s flagship client event in Las Vegas.

The partnership helps the Cupertino-based smartphone maker to combine IBM Watsonmachine learning with Apple Core ML.

“IBM has built hundreds of enterprise apps on Apple's platform, but the new partnership takes the relationship a step further” the company said.

"We're really excited to see the power and performance of IBM Watson Services for Core ML. It can inspire a whole new generation of smart enterprise apps that get smarter and smarter the more we use them," tweeted Brian Croll, Vice President of OS product marketing at Apple Inc.

The way it works is that a customer builds a machine learning model using Watson, taking advantage of data in an enterprise repository to train the model.

For instance, a company may want to help field service techs point their iPhone camera at a machine and identify the make and model to order the correct parts. You could potentially train a model to recognize all the different machines using Watson’s image recognition capability, according to IBM.