CapitaWorld launches new product to help MSMEs

CapitaWorld a digital platform that automates the entire loan value chain, has rolled out the first version of a ‘Smart Loan -Disintermediation Ecosystem’, a fully integrated lending system which that claims to reduce the loan approval process by 70% thereby increasing possibilities for the MSME sector to raise funds faster.
This initiative will be a conduit for reducing Non-performing Assets (NPA) as it works on data transparency, data analytics, artificial intelligence which does not have any human biases and can also help banks and NBFCs to enforce credit discipline on consumers.
In a statement to the press, the company said that it will help people raise funds from banks and NBFC’s by filling up a single form which the system maps and matches with fund providers using proprietary processes along with validations, authentication, and scoring.
It will help create a complete, scalable and robust recommendation system thereby saving 60% branch level cost and 80% paperwork. This system will also use analytics to carry out verification and credit risk scoring and then match the borrower with multiple partner banks and
NBFC’s whose credit risk appetite match the borrower’s profile.
“We have developed an innovative way to compete in lending space for thousands of mid-sized players. There isn’t any process which gives ease in your paperwork with transparency. CapitaWorld is offering the MSMES’s with something newer and faster. It will be a direct connect for the MSME’s to get funded,” said Jinand shah, Founder & Promoter, CapitaWorld.