Indian startups need not fear MNCs: Yossi Vardi

India’s startup ecosystem remains divided over global giants getting more leeway for their operations here with Indian entrepreneurs coming out all guns blazing against the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Amazon.
However, global investors believe prudent business alignments that leverage the vast technology of these multinational corporations and balance the growing Indian population as a vast market will help both thrive in the world’s largest democracy.
“I don’t think the fact that MNCs are active in India is necessarily a deterrent. You have to try and thrive by creating a strategic alliance between local startups and MNCs,” notes Yossi Vardi, one of Israel’s most well-known and successful investors and entrepreneurs.
“When domestic startups want to develop an international presence, it is a very expensive exercise. But if a large MNC comes to India, it brings with it funding, management experience, resilience despite stock market shocks and helps employment,” said Vardi who is visiting India to speak at the TIE Global Summit in Mumbai.
Vardi has invested in and helped build over 80 startups in Israel including software firms, mobile phone, and clean technology companies, earning handsome returns through sales to international tech giants.