IBM revises its ways to skill developers

Tech giant IBM is redesigning its ways in reaching out to devops and is now building ‘relevant assets’ to enable a developer. These assets include reusable patterns, combination of codes, documentation, videos among others. Further the company is now also hosting various sets of tech talks, building a developer community with hackathons and webinars.
“We are also building bot exchanges as an asset for the devops and looking to strengthen the community through which they can share knowledge,” says Seema Kumar, Country Leader – Developer Ecosystem & Startups, IBM.
In the past one year, IBM has held hands-on workshops on Blockchain, Cognitive, analytics for students, over 10 hackathons with 2000 attendees. Moreover, the company is hosting another hackathon later this month in Bengaluru and expects around 1000 attendees. The event will majorly focus on cloud, cognitive and data science and will also host tech talks by industry experts.
The event will later also be held in San Francisco, USA and expects to witness participants from across nations.
Furthermore, the company is also tapping government and private colleges in metro and smaller cities to create awareness among students about the availability of latest technologies like robotoics, artificial intelligence and other and also the latest tools to learn from. Three universities including Chandigarh Univ, Ganpat Univ and Dehradun Institute of Technology have also adopted IBM specific technologies.
Talking to ETTech, Kumar says that the company is also looking at ways to bridge the gap between these young developers and mid-senior IT employees who are constantly at risk of losing their jobs. “Computing access was a challenge 10-15 years back and the hardware itself was not quite robust which made it difficult to build newer technologies. Today, we have resolved the availability and everyone can access them to skill themselves in technologies like AI and machine learning. Focusing on the Indian IT ecosystem, we have also built competencies around GST and other practices areas,” explains Kumar, adding that IBM is also holding POCs along with in-house hackathons, hands-on workshops to skill the senior employees.
For the uninitiated, over the last few years, IT companies have been shifting its focus to newer technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning. In the mass firings which clouded India’s $160-billion IT industry in the last two years, project leaders or managers with 10-20 years of experience bore the major brunt. According to Experis IT-ManpowerGroup India for 2017-2018 survey, merely 3% of employers wanted to hire people at the senior level.