In India, 250 startups on Amazon launchpad

Twelve months after kickstarting Amazon Launchpad in India, the ecommerce company’s programme for product startups to sell on its marketplace, the etailer has reached a milestone of hosting 250 startups.
Of these, 94 startups have already made revenues of over Rs 10 lakh and 14 have clocked revenue of over Rs 1 crore, according to Sateesh Srinivasan, director and global head, Amazon Launchpad.
“We have had over 2,000 applications over the last one year and have seen a steady increase in the number of people who are interested,” said Srinivasan, on the sidelines of the launch of the product startup competition Startup C-Cube. launched the contest in partnership with the global hardware accelerator and seed fund HAX and New York-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to identify at least one product startup and provide mentorship couples with services worth $500,000.
“We don't want to limit the number of startups we choose and hence we have said that at least one product startup will be selected and offered training,” added Srinivasan.